There are nearly 800 co-operative projects in the state of Florida, some of them dating back to the 1950’s. Prior to the condominium revolution of the 1970’s and 1980’s, co-operatives, or “co-ops,” were a way for many individual people to divvy up ownership of one…

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Federal Lawmakers Extend Eviction, Foreclosure Moratoriums

Federal Lawmakers have extended the moratoriums on certain residential evictions and mortgage foreclosures until January 31, 2021. However, these moratoriums only apply in limited circumstances. First, there are no protections for commercial mortgages or tenancies. Businesses can still be removed from properties either by foreclosure…

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Community Association Covenant Enforcement, Fines & Suspensions Webinar

Kistemaker Business Law Group held a FREE live educational WEBINAR for Community Association Managers, Board Members, and Members in October. This is the replay of the course. It provided in-depth coverage and brief Q&A. The topic was COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION COVENANT ENFORCEMENT: FINES & SUSPENSIONS. The…

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Can Homeowners Recover their Homes After an HOA Foreclosure?

After an HOA foreclosure action has been filed and served on an Owner, BUT PRIOR to the Court entering a final judgment in the action or ordering the foreclosure sale, a homeowner can file a “qualifying offer” indicating his or her intent to pay all…

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Board Member Resignation – HOA in Florida

How many times have you thought about resigning from your home owners association’s board of directors because you are frustrated and unappreciated. I can imagine many times. However, it is important not to resign without considering the implications and later regret. It is important to…

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