Fees will be waived for 6waived0 days, until Dec. 9, 2016, for the following permit types for damage incurred as a result of Hurricane Matthew. Below is information on the permits required, when necessary, and timing for acquiring those permits. The permit fees for these permit types will be waived until Dec. 9, 2016:


  • Replacement fences using same material and installing in the same location may be replaced without first obtaining a permit; however, a permit will need to be obtained within 60 days.
  • For relocated or installation of alternative material or height than originally approved, a permit will be required prior to installation.
  • No permit required for limited repairs/panel replacements, such as for like height and material.


  • Shed replacement will require a permit prior to installation.
  • Shed repairs will not require a permit; sheds must remain in originally approved location.

Soffit/fascia/siding repairs

  • A permit will not be required.

A/C equipment change-outs

  • A permit will be required prior to work.

Electrical repairs (mast, weather-head, panel, lights)

  • A permit will be required.


  • Re-roof will require a permit prior to work.
  • Replacement of up to 3 bundles of shingles (100 square feet) will not require a permit.

Screen enclosure (aluminum cage)

  • Screen enclosure replacements will require a permit prior to work.
  • Certified drawings are required unless the enclosure was built under the Florida Building Code 5th Edition (applied for after June 30, 2015).
  • Screen repairs do not require a permit.
  • Swimming pools must meet barrier requirement.


  • Docks will require a permit prior to work.

All contractors must be licensed, insured and registered with the City of Palm Coast Building Division.

It is the City’s intent to expedite all hurricane-related permits. Many minor repairs will not need a permit whatsoever. For any clarity, please call the Building Division at 386-986-3780.