Condominiums – The Green Alternative

Green condo living

Condominiums in Florida lead the way in green living. For those who want a smaller carbon footprint, or simply want a smaller electric and water bill, living in a multi-family condominium building can be the simplest way to do both. Did you know?:

  • Apartments/Multi-family dwellings use, on average, 30% less electricity per person and 50% less electricity per household than traditional single-family detached homes. Nationwide, that is an average of $1,200.00 savings per household per year!
  • In Florida condominiums where unit owners have assigned parking spaces, owners can install electric vehicle charging stations. Check the Declaration of Condominium to determine your parking rights before buying that shiny new Tesla!
  • Florida condominiums must permit installation of energy devices based on renewable resources, so long as they are contained within the unit. These include solar panels, clotheslines, skylights, energy efficient blinds, low-e glass windows, and many more. Check the Declaration of Condominium to determine unit boundaries before installing anything that might change the exterior of the building.
  • Apartments/Multi-family dwellings use, on average, less water than single family homes. This is due to increased population density, decreased irrigation needs and shared amenities like pools, spas, etc.
  • For condominiums located in urban centers, owners can reduce their driving needs by walking, biking, or driving shorter distances to stores, restaurants, etc. Some mixed-use condominiums even have these amenities right in the building.