The second substantive change is the SIRS

Like the milestone inspection, the SIRS involves a visual examination of certain building components deemed critical to structural soundness and safety. Its purpose is to determine an annual reserve amount that achieves the estimated replacement or deferred maintenance cost for the components, by the end…

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SB154/Milestone Inspections

By: Erum S. Kistemaker, Managing Partner (Attorney), Juris Doctorate To access our Facebook Live video on the topic – click here –

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Condo Safety Law Glitch Bill, SB 154 – Summary 

Seen as a “glitch bill,” SB 154, which recently passed, is a legislative means to resolving certain issues that came from the previous years legislative session’s SB 4D. Last year one of the significant updates to the Florida Condominium Act, SB 4D is viewed by…

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An Overview: Lady Bird Deeds in Florida

By: Rima Suleiman The lady bird deed is an estate planning tool, allowing Florida residents to transfer property while avoiding probate. Please see below a complete overview of this unique tool. 1, What is a Lady Bird Deed? The lady bird deed is a type…

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How to Transfer Your Corporation to Florida

By: Rima Suleiman If you’re looking to relocate your corporation to Florida, you generally have three options to choose from. These options, along with each of their pros and cons, are outlined below:   1. Conversion; 2. Dissolving your business and forming a new Florida Corporation;…

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