How to Transfer Your Corporation to Florida

By: Rima Suleiman If you’re looking to relocate your corporation to Florida, you generally have three options to choose from. These options, along with each of their pros and cons, are outlined below:   1. Conversion; 2. Dissolving your business and forming a new Florida Corporation;…

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Homes for the Holidays – decor and lighting in your community.

By Erum Kistemaker With the holiday season coming to an abrupt ending, I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding restrictions on holiday lights and decor within community associations. The reoccurring questions are regarding how long decorations and lights can stay up, what kind…

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Get Your (Egyptian) Ducks in a Row

Community Association Management of Wetland Fish and Wildlife By Senior Attorney, Erin Glover-Frey I was out walking my dog last week, when I saw a pair of unfamiliar duck-like birds at a retention pond. They were tan and brown with a dark ring around their…

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Post-Storm Permitting Procedures and Assistance

The state of Florida Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) emergency permitting requirements apply to post storm recovery activities seaward of the coastal construction control lines established for 25 sandy beach counties or seaward of a 50-foot setback from mean high water on beaches of coastal counties without established CCCLs….

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Accessing Units for Repairs following Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian’s impact is being felt throughout Florida, as such, it is likely that several condo and associations will need to access units to repair, dry out or replace common elements or limited common elements, sometimes even on an emergency basis. Even though the majority…

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