Is the Party Over? AirBNB Makes its “Party House” Ban Official

By: Erin Glover-Frey, Esq.

One of the biggest issues plaguing Florida condominiums and HOA’s are short-term rentals and the havoc of “party houses.” When bars shut down in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, creative party hosts turned to renting entire houses on AirBNB for just one night, in which to host both friends and strangers for a rager. Quickly seeing the problems these “party houses” created for neighbors and citing to public health concerns, in August, 2020, AirBNB created the first of several restrictions on party houses, including barring more than 16 occupants per unit and suspending guests who publicly advertise parties on social media.

In June, 2022, AirBNB took one step further to make its party house ban official. The official policy of the company is now to limit each rental to 16 guests, except for large properties big enough to accommodate more. Guests who wish to book for one night only on a holiday weekend may be required to have a positive prior review for approval of the booking. For two-night bookings on holiday weekend, such as the 4th of July, AirBNB will monitor for local residents or last-minute attempts to book a property.

Additionally, AirBNB has instituted a Neighborhood Support Line, available at, where neighbors can report disruptive parties. AirBNB may suspend guests and hosts who are reported offenders. Community associations can also turn to the Neighborhood Support Line for help in shutting down chronic nuisance party houses.

As always, associations can use their authority to fine, suspend use of common areas and elements, and charge back expenses against owners who allow nuisance party houses or whose guests and tenants cause damages to the common property.