Kristopher Li

This law firm is amazing. Back to April 2022, I was scammed by a contractor from Jacksonville. I was depressed at that time, I called all the local law firms but nobody willing to take my case since there is no big amount money get involved. Attorney Erum is amazing, she did help me get my money back. I will continue use this law firm for my future legal advice request. Rima is very nice, she always answer my questions and organized my paperwork properly. As an Army veteran I highly recommended thus law firm.

Christopher Acker

Kistmaker group represented us in the most professional manner, they were aggressive, quick to respond to questions and most of all they got great results..we won our case and couldn’t be happier, would definitely recommend this firm..


Derrick Orberg

Kistemaker Business Law Group has been a very active and thorough partner in taking care of legal matters regarding Home Owners Association and Condominium Associations. As a Licensed Community Association Manager I have had the pleasure of working with the Attorneys directly including the managing partner directly. If you are involved with business and are in need of representation and or a Director with a Community you need not look further.

Laurie Davis

Erum is an attorney who not only has great knowledge, but willingly shares it with her clients to help them understand not only what to do but WHY. I have a lot of experience working with attorneys, and I have only met two who so willingly go above and beyond to help their clients understand the issues in addition to helping them form an achievable action plan. Erum is one of them.

Alisa Holland

Erum Kistemaker is a brilliant and devoted attorney. She and her team navigated my husband and at Zenison Massage Therapy painlessly and efficiantly through the LLC process . As well they have been a resource for legal advice for any and all things pertaining to our business here in Ormond. We highly recommend Kistemaker Business Law Group

Stephanie Harris

Erum Kistemaker is a very knowledgeable and passionate lawyer that takes the time to truly help her clients. I encourage all those seeking legal help with business, HOA or Condos to seek her out you wont find anyone more passionate nor empathetic as her and her team are. They set the bar.

Eva Garcia

Thankful to have used Erum to negotiate a business matter, she helped streamline the process and found resolution between both parties in a timely matter. She is good at keeping the focus on what matters and resolving disputes.

Angelo M

Excellent law firm. Easy to talk to attorneys with reasonable rates.

Ormond Holiday Club

Thank you Kistemaker Business Law Group! Erum Kistemaker has been so helpful in resolving our condominium issues. We are extremely happy with the insightfulness and strong representation that she brings to the table. We are glad she represents us. We know we are well taken care of.