US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Student with Service Dog

In a unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a Michigan student with cerebral palsy whose Goldendoodle named Wonder was banned from her classroom by Jackson County school officials.

Wonder was helping Ehlena Fry with a number of tasks at school. Her family says the school broke ADA rules by denying Ehlena her independence at school and discriminated against her in a public place.

The ACLU says the family’s victory could impact students with disabilities across the country.

After the court ruled, the Fry family attorney said, “This victory will, once and for all, remove unfair legal hurdles for victims of discrimination across the country that prevent students from seeking justice guaranteed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. And, of course, we are delighted for Ehlena and the entire Fry family, who fought for as long as they did because they wanted to make sure that other children with disabilities wouldn’t have to endure the discrimination that Ehlena faced.”

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